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In our lovingly run Kneipp spa hotel BALANCE understand each other warm hospitality , first class service and a excellent cuisine by itself.

The satisfaction of our guests is our focus. However, this has top priority in our house therapy , it is our strength. With the classic Kneipp cure , innovatively developed for you, we help:

Bringing body, mind and soul back into balance as well as strengthening your defenses and naturally building your immune system.

We wish you a harmonious and blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year 2021!

Your Renate Büchele

and the Kneipp Kurhotel Balance team

PS We expect to open our house on 02/21/2021.
You can reach us by email at:

Enjoy your holiday



Enjoy your holiday!

In our lovingly run Kneipp spa hotel, warm hospitality, first-class service and excellent cuisine go without saying.



With the help of the Kneipp healing method you will find more health, joie de vivre and emotional balance. Two experienced, highly qualified doctors enable you to treat yourself in-house.

Kochkunst im Balance

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Pastor Kneipp prescribed a balanced, healthy diet in his “Cure of the Five Pillars”. We serve fresh, tasty, high-quality food.

Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für einen Aufenthalt in unserem Kneipp-Kurhotel BALANCE interessieren.

Ihre Anfrage wird unserem Servicepersonal zugestellt und persönlich beantwortet. Wir bitten Sie deshalb um Ihr Verständnis, wenn Sie außerhalb unserer Bürozeiten nicht umgehend von uns hören. Wir garantieren Ihnen aber in jedem Fall eine persönliche und schnellstmögliche Bearbeitung während unserer Bürozeiten.

Ihr Team vom Kneipp-Kurhotel BALANCE


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We are pleased that you are interested in a stay in our Kneipp spa hotel BALANCE.

Your request will be sent to our service staff and answered personally. We therefore ask for your understanding if you do not hear from us immediately outside of our office hours. In any case, we guarantee you a personal and fastest possible processing during our office hours.

Your team from the Kneipp spa hotel BALANCE

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